August, 2005:

We are writing to highly recommend Patio Magic.

In fact, we were so pleased with the results, we invited Patio Magic back this summer to remove our main cement sidewalk and replace it with the same cobblestone design.

The results both years have been amazing!!! We love the look of our outdoor space!!! Truly impressive.

Roy and I worked collaboratively with Wayne to develop individualized design plans for both our projects. He was open to our ideas, adding him considerable expertise to refine them into a project plan. He is able to explain concepts and clarify ideas in an easily understandable manner.

Wayne pays particular attention to detail, frequently making the stone cuts himself. He often goes above and beyond to add decorative design details which enhance the finished product. For example, last summer when creating the sidewalk on our boulevard, he created a semi-circle design accented with small decorative stones to showcase the price.

The Patio Magic crew, clad in matching company T-Shirts, is hard working, conscientious, and polite. In addition, Wayne and his crew keep the work site very clean and safe.

Wayne's expertise, commitment and enthusiasm for his work, combines with his talented crew, have made it a pleasure to work together on both projects.

Patio Magic is a very professional and capable team ` they are truly the "paving stone experts"!

If you have further questions about this excellent contractor, please feel free to contact us via Wayne

March 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRoy & Sharon

June, 2006:

I would like to thank you Wayne and your crew for doing an outstanding job on my backyard. People that came by to see it are amazed at the professional workmanship. I will recommend you and your crew to any of my family and friends. Thanks once again from Brian and Cheryl.

March 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBrian and Cheryl

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