Environment & Sustainability

As a homeowner there are many ways that you can conserve and reduce your impact on the environment. One way that we at Patio Magic incorporate this into our landscaping is by utilising rainwater capture systems.  This involves installing an underground reservoir which collects rainwater that can then be used in your pond or waterfall, or even for applications such as watering your lawn and washing you vehicle.  This system saves the environment while saving you money, a winning combination.

The company which supplies the products for the Rain Exchange system is Aquascape. Click on the link to learn more about the environmental and cost benefits of installing this type of system. Patio Magic is a certified Rain Exchange installer and has completed several rain exchange courses and installed many Rain Exchange systems.

Patio Magic also works with rain barrels which collect the rain water from your roof by redirecting your eaves trough(s) into it. This water can then be utilized for many applications such as watering your lawn and garden or washing your vehicle. This is a great and affordable way to make a significant impact on the environment!