Fire Pit Bylaws


 A residential fire pit is permitted only if:

  • it is located at least three metres from any building, property line or combustible material;
  • the sides of the fire pit are fully enclosed and constructed from brick, concrete block, heavy gauge metal or other non-combustible material; and
  • the opening of the fire pit is:

1) no more than one metre across;

2) no more than 60 centimetres above the surrounding surface grade; and

3) covered with a non-combustible mesh screen with openings no greater than 1.25 centimetres across.


 Location: Fire containing devices must be:

  • No less than three metres (10 feet) from all property lines.
  • No less than three metres (10 feet) from any structure (including but not limited to: fences, decks, garages, sheds, houses, or any other permanently installed or hard to move structures, such as benches or play stations).
  • No less than three metres (10 feet) from any vegetation, such as trees or shrubbery.

Construction: All fire containing devices must be constructed and designed as follows:

  • The base must consist of gravel or concrete. It must be no less than 10 centimetres (four inches) greater in size than the outside diameter or measurement of the fire containing device. 
  • The fire must be enclosed in a rock, concrete block, cured or fired ceramic/clay, or metal fire container no greater than 61 centimetres (24 inches) inside diameter or measurement and no less than 45 centimetres (18 inches) in height.
  • All openings in the fire containing device must be covered with a metal spark arrestor with a maximum hole size of 0.70 centimetres (0.25 inches).

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