New Compact Equipment Saves Established Yards and Backs

If you hired Patio Magic’s services over the last year or two you may have noticed some new compact equipment we are using to help reduce the impact on our customers yards.  These small transport machines from the German manufacturer PowerPac are a lifesaver for the Patio Magic crew as well as for homeowners yards (especially grass).  These machines allow access through tight yard gates and over difficult terrain which enables us to reduce construction times and stress on high trafficked areas including grass, driveways and sidewalks which can often suffer from the impact of larger equipment.  With widths as narrow as 22” and weight capacities from 600-1800lbs, these compact machines can do a lot of work. 

Expect to see them available for rental soon from various rental companies. 

Going greener sometimes requires going a bit leaner.  

Check out these machines at PMI Equipment, a division of Patio Magic Inc.  You can also check out their new video (below) and YouTube page!